If you want to hunt for bears in western Colorado, here's what you should do.

Black bear populations in western Colorado are healthy, which means you have a good chance for a successful hunt if you know where to look. Delta and Montrose counties both have ideal habitat for bears.

If you have ever wanted to hunt bears, you should take advantage of a class being offered by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. The presentation includes a discussion on bear biology, hunting tactics, field dressing, regulations, and bear-human conflicts. Most bears are harvested in September, just before they settle into hibernation for the winter.

I have to confess, I love photographing bears and don't enjoy the thought of them being killed. However, I realize the necessity of bear hunting in order to keep the bear population under control and to minimize bear/human conflicts in populated areas.

So, if you want to learn how to hunt bears, this is the best place to start. The more you know, the better your chances for success.

The class is being held March 7 at the Technical College of the Rockies and registration is required. If you're interested in the class, contact the Montrose wildlife office at 970-252-6000.

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