I'm a lover of amusement parks and it hurts my heart to know there used to be an amusement park here in Grand Junction. I wanted to know what crushed my dreams of having an amusement park in my backyard.

Guyton's Fun Junction was an amusement park in Grand Junction right off 29 Road and North Avenue, the space is now occupied by a Del Taco and a liquor store. What happened to Fun Junction? Why did it shatter my dreams by closing down? Here are your answers:

Fun is essential when living your life. Especially if you're in the fun business. If the owners weren't having fun, it'd be hard to expect your customers to. Maybe the owners retired to have some more of their own fun.

Scot says that the owners are still in fun business, just a different kind. Although this new business is for adults, I still asked if they had a water slide. Scot said no, not unless you drop a 24-pack and Trina says they don't have a waterslide but they did have:

All jokes aside, it seems most people miss Fun Junction. Even though I never had the pleasure of being amused at Fun Junction, I miss the idea of it. Do you think something similar to Fun Junction will come to Grand Junction?

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