The Guyton's Fun Junction Welcome sign should be immortalized. 

All the rides and games were sold and shipped out of the area. The land was turned into a strip mall, Del Taco, and a liquor store. But, I have one question.

Where is the Guyton's Fun Junction Welcome sign?

I have read a bunch of articles and also watched plenty of news stories from that sad day back in 1999 when the park officially closed it's doors forever. But, I never read anything about that legendary sign.

What made me think of it was one day while I was at Stocker Stadium. The dual gate on the southside that leads to either the baseball field or the football field. I took a good look at the semi-circle sign above the box office.

(Photo by Tom Friemann)
(Photo by Tom Friemann)

For some odd reason I thought, "gee, that reminds of the old Guyton's Fun Junction sign. I wonder where in the world that sign is today."

I am sure that a family member probably has it in storage somewhere. I can not imagine the Guyton's not wanting to hang on to that. At least, I hope that's the case.

But, back to my original thought. If someone does have it, let's bring it out, shine it up and display somewhere in Grand Junction. That sign is a huge part of Junction history and it needs to be seen and remembered. Or really, any pieces and parts from Guyton's should be on display.

It's the least we can do for a place that brought a great many families some cherished memories for a lifetime.

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