Obviously, Country music is the first answer. Please keep in mind, though, there is the better part of 100 years of "Country" music out there. Specifically, do you want to hear newer Country, older Country, dance Country, Classic Rock and some Country, or a variety of "all of the above"?

Let's face it, there is a whole bunch of music out there that tends to get squeezed into the "Country" category. Guessing what people want to hear probably isn't as easy as one might think.

When you go to the Country bar, are you bothered if the band breaks into a rendition of a popular Skynyrd tune? Would you prefer they stay on track? For that matter, is an early 90's Country dance tune like "Neon Moon" too far out of date?

When listening to a live band, do you expect to hear newer Country tunes, specifically those currently in the Top 40? What if they are crossover tunes?