A weekend crime spree has landed a Grand Junction man with nine felonies and four misdemeanors. His 13 charges ranging from burglary to arson.

It's Halloween and Derrick Randall is celebrating behind bars. Seems like Derrick had a lot of fun and caused a whole lot of destruction before he got locked up. Here's how his weekend crime spree got started:

Mesa County Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of two cars with smashed windows. The total cost of damage: $1,400.

Deputies responded to a burglary in process at the Alta gas station. The gas station, Domino's and La Milpa Tortilla Faccorty all had glass windows and doors broken and a few items were stolen. Then, another vehicle was found with windows shatter and two fires were started nearby.

Someone calls in and tells authorities their car had been damaged overnight on Texas Avenue.

Fast forward to Tuesday and the crime spree continues. The Atla gas station was robbed -- again. Around 12:30 a.m. a window was broken and items were stolen. Total cost of damage: $2,700.

Randall Derrick caused $53,100 worth of damage. Stolen items were recovered at his residence along with a sword that authorities think he used to break windows. Randall Derrick is currently spending his Halloween at the Mesa County Detention Center.

These are the 13 charges he is facing, according to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

  • 2 counts of 2nd Degree Burglary (Class 4 Felony)
  • Criminal Mischief $20,000 or more (Class 4 Felony)
  • Criminal Mischief $5,000 of more (Class 5 Felony)
  • 5 counts of Criminal Mischief (Class 6 Felony)
  • Obstructing Peace Officer
  • 2 counts of 2nd Degree Arson
  • Theft $50-$300
  • Theft less than $50 Shoplifting

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