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Are you still searching for Christmas gift ideas? May I present a gift idea worthy of your consideration? It's not exactly cheap, but it works like a charm.

When Christmas rolls around, I purchase a memorial brick for the walkway just west of the Student Center at Colorado Mesa University. You can place any message you want on it (with a limited number of characters). Historically, I've had names of departed family members or pets inscribed on the brick. These have been given as Christmas presents to my parents and brother.

Well, in 2019, both of my parents passed away. Where Christmas 2020 is concerned, it seems I will not be giving them a memorial brick. Spoiler Alert Ahead: Instead, I'll be giving my brother an inscribed brick in memory of our parents. Surprise! Merry Christmas.

A few years ago I was given a memorial brick as a present. I accidentally discovered it while walking across the campus at Colorado Mesa University shortly before Christmas. This brick, located at CMU's memorial walkway, is in memory of my dog Abe who passed away almost over ten years ago.

Okay, so these cost a little more than a tie or a pair of socks. The price comes in at $100 for bricks the size as the one you see above. There are other and more expensive, options to choose from.

Typically, bricks such as these are used to generate revenue for non-profits. That was the case when we bought bricks outside the Avalon Theatre during its restoration. The same goes for the bricks at CMU. When you look at it that way, it's something of a win-win. Proceeds go the CMU Foundation, awarding scholarships and financial assistance to students.

This can be done entirely online. Please keep in mind the bricks are typically placed in the walkway only a couple of times per year. Usually, this is done during Spring Break, and again in the fall. If you buy one now, It may be March before the brick is put in place.

Christmas is barely two weeks away. You could buy an electronic device, a new phone, or maybe even an article of clothing for a gift. How about a heartwarming present that will last a lifetime? These memorials will not be out-of-date this time next year. They're every bit as significant twenty years from now. What better gift than a memorial such as this?

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