Western Colorado is home to a memorial you may not have seen. Chances are you will be surprised to see how many names you recognize on the memorial walkway located at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction.

Directly outside the west doors at the University Center at CMU you'll find a sidewalk adorned with personalized bricks. Each contains the name of a person or business, or in some cases a message. Not every brick is a memorial to someone who has passed, but many are.

Each year for Christmas, I purchase a brick for my parents, a memorial to someone our family has lost over the years. As of Christmas 2016, we've lost track of how many bricks we have in this path. Please note, I shot the video above shorty after the bizarre weather hit Grand Junction. The walkway had recently been sanded.

While searching for our latest addition to the walkway, it was surprising how many names I recognized. I feel terrible for saying this, but there are memorial bricks in the sidewalk for old friends I didn't even know had died.

No matter who you are, you'll probably find at least one brick in memory of someone you know. Right away, you'll spot a memorial brick for one of the greatest professors to ever live, Dr. Gordon Gilbert. This last visit, I spotted a brick dedicated to my 9th grade Civics teacher.

The next chance you get, pay a visit to the walkway. Of course, when classes are in session, this area is pretty much Grand Central Station, so you'll want to time your visit. Weekends are pretty slow at this part of the campus.

The brick walkway is truly fascinating and serves as a fitting tribute to some of our Western Colorado icons. Give it a look when you can. For that matter, you might want to consider getting a brick for someone in your family.

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