Reba McEntire has joined forces with Brooks & Dunn for an extended stay at the Colosseum at Caesars in Las Vegas, and I have the ultimate travel advice. Follow my suggestions, and you can pull off this trip on a super-cheapy budget, while having the ultimate concert experience.

This concert event should not be missed. Reba is the crown jewel of Country music, and Brooks & Dunn are living legends. The Colosseum is a great venue, too. Las Vegas, though, has changed. These aren't the good ol' days when you could get a nice room for $30 with complimentary show tickets, and could feed yourself with the $.99 prime rib. That was the late 1970's. It's an all new ballgame. Here's the poor man's guide to seeing this show.

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    Don't be a jerk; drive, don't fly. The drive from Western Colorado is only about seven hours, tops. You can cram four or five people in most cars. Right now, the average gas price in Nevada is $2.76.

    According to Google Maps, the drive from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Las Vegas, Nevada, equals exactly 508 miles. Averaging, let's say, 25 MGP, that would come to a total cost $112.16 for fuel. Not too shabby.

    Be very careful when passing near Beaver, Utah. Cops like to bust out of state drivers in that area.

    Be sure to stop by the fireworks stand between Mesquite and Las Vegas. It's located at a super-convenience-store on the reservation, just off of I-15. You won't have to go out of your way to find it. I recommend you buy the jumbo-family-pack of fireworks, it really is the better deal.

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    I recommend you stay at the Flamingo. It's super cheap, the check in time is fast, it has been recently remodeled, and it's right across the street from Ceasars.

    Okay, it's a little tacky... everything is pink, real pink. You'll feel like a cheap hooker, but that's okay. The convenience and cost factor outweigh the decor.

    If you want to get a really great deal, don't stay on the strip. There are several great hotels with reasonable rates off the strip. Of course, you'll have to commute, but a little pre-planning will work the bugs out. If you stay at the Palace Station, be sure to ask for the "O.J. suite"!

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    Seating at Caesars

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    The days of the "$.99 All You Can Eat Buffet" are over. Now, Vegas boasts the "$25 All You Can Eat Buffet." The restaurant at the Flamingo is excellent, fast, and has very nice seating. Harrah's isn't bad, either, especially if you're into seafood.

    In reality, there is nothing wrong with packing some groceries, and going extremely cheap. Bring groceries, and you'll have more money for fireworks.