Travis Kaufman, the man who, while jogging was attacked by a mountain lion talks about his ordeal, where he ran and what put him in that place at that time.

Kaufman explains he decided to take a run in that area and did not notice the trail left by the mountain lion he ended up coming face to face with.

Turning his head to the sound of pine needles actually saved his life as he was able to see his attacker, yelling and as it leaped, it bit and clawed the man who was screaming trying to intimidate it, attempting to throw it off of him. Had he been wearing earbuds and listening to music, he would not have heard the approach of the animal and it would probably have cost him his life.

Kaufman explains how he was able to ultimately subdue the animal by using his knee to choke it out.

Luckily as he made his way out of the area he ran across several other hikers who helped get him the attention he needed.

Video courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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