Grand Junction is devastated by the loss of 69-year-old Warren Barnes, who was stabbed while sleeping under an overpass near the city. His memory will live on and his memorial in downtown Grand Junction is in the works.

Warren Barnes was allegedly killed by 19-year-old Brian Cohee, who was looking for a homeless person to kill. Brian thought that he could kill a homeless person without drawing much attention.

Warren liked to read near Monique's Bridal on a regular basis. The owner of the shop, Monique Lanotti, was a friend of Warren's who gave him his own chair to sit in when Grand Junction moved the benches in the breezeway.

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Monique knew something was going on when Warren wasn't in his chair on March 1 and didn't show up at a temporary job agency, according to The Colorado Sun. Warren's remains were discovered in a plastic bag in Brian Cohee's closet, which led to his arrest.

According to The Colorado Sun, Warren spent a lot of time in downtown Grand Junction reading, working, eating lunch, and feeding birds. Grand Junction is devastated by what happened to Warren and wants his memory to live on.

There's currently a memorial for Grand Junction's Warren Barnes in the works.  A friend of his, Allie Telinde, commissioned a bronze statue, which is being made by Tim Navin. Numerous Grand Junction businesses donated materials and labor too, according to The Colorado Sun.

Warren's memorial is going to be a bronze replica of his chair, with a stack of books and birds on it. His memorial will also include a plaque with his name on it, a name no one will forget.

Our thoughts go out to Warren Barnes' family and friends.


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