'Rollin Coal' is illegal says the EPA, but do you even know what it is? One clue: It doesn't have anything to do with coal trains.

When I saw this article I thought to myself, "How the heck would you get coal into a Zig Zag?"

Of course you can't and when I clicked I realized I have been in the dark for SO long!

If you're like me and have no idea what Rolling Coal is, let me explain ... it's when a truck driver purposely spews a huge cloud of black exhaust fumes at another vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian, and/or Prius'.

YouTube has plethora of examples!

We've all seen them, huge pickups, some with smoke stacks coming out of the beds. You can hear and smell them when they're in a hurry, showing off, irritated or apparently just being jerks now that I know it's intentional!

That's right, I knew the smoke billowed out intentionally, but I didn't realize it was being done towards a specific group of people!

According to the Examiner, truck owners increase the the injection pump on their diesel engines in order to send huge, billowing black clouds in the direction of bystanders, bikers, or hybrid vehicles and it is often done as a way of upsetting environmentalists.

All I have to say is, SHAME on you! It might be funny to try and wake up your buddy passed out in his truck, but not when it's innocent bystanders!

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