Save a lot of money avoiding these 10 items at the grocery store.

An average family of four will spend $300 bucks at the store every week, save some dough by avoiding these ten items!

  1. Salad Dressing
    • Make your own with one part vinegar, three parts oil, add salt and pepper. Save money and the door space in your fridge!
  2. Gift Cards
    • Activations fees at the grocery store can be over $5, get one from the actual store and avoid fees!
  3. Greeting Cards
    • Don't spend $4 on one card when you can buy 50 blank cards online for only $7! Then Google the type of sentiment you want and voila, awesome homemade card!
  4. Name Brand Spices
    • Grow your own in a window box, most folks can't tell the difference!
  5. Flower Arrangements

    • Buy single flowers or pick them from your garden and make your own!
  6. Party Supplies
    • Pay half as much by getting them from the dollar store!
  7. Lunchables
    • Not only are they unhealthy, it doesn't take much time to make a sandwich for lunch! Don't sacrifice your health to save a few bucks!
  8. Batteries
    • They're extra expensive, because you forget to buy them until you need them, get a better deal buying them at a bulk store or using rechargeable.
  9. Bottled Water
    • Costs 1,000 times more than tap water, if you don't like tap water get a filter for your faucet, then us refillable water bottles.
  10. Diapers
    • Once again, big mark-up because you don't buy them until you need them,  if you buy them from a bulk store you'll save a ton!

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