It's a semi truck versus a gas pump at this gas station in Clifton. Over 50 gallons of gas were spilled at the gas station. Who do you think wins this round?

It all started at a gas station off of F Road in Clifton. It was very early in the morning, before 5 a.m., and tensions were high. A semi truck pulls into the gas station and the gas pump is just fed up with pumping gas at this point. The semi was headed for a different pump when all of sudden, it heard something.

That gas pump over there was talking smack so the semi truck flipped around immediately. The semi truck flipped around like 'what'd you say?!' but instead of just getting in the gas's pumps face, something else happened.

The semi truck gets too close to the gas pump and ends up getting a nice blow to its fuel tanks and it's a knock out. The gas pump is just laughing at the semi at this point. It didn't have to do anything and the semi truck is knocked out and off the road.

The self inflicted hit caused over 50 gallons of fuel to leak from the truck's fuel tanks.

This picture makes me think of the following captions:

      • When you're done arguing but then you hear them say something under their breath.
      • I can make this fit.
      • When you're trying to use your gas rewards points.
      • That moment when you know it's time to put in your two weeks notice.

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