Three Veterans who served together in Vietnam reunited in Grand Junction after 45 years. 

Bob "Commo" Miller, Jean "Animal" Stehelin and Gene "Tiny" Tullis were all  in the same room Friday here in Grand Junction for only the second time in more than 4 decades.

The three served together in 1970-71 with the artillery B Battery group. Now, Bob Miller lives in Grand Junction while Jean Stehelin resides in Malibu Florida and Gene Tullis in Nebraska.

It took up until 3 years ago for the three to simply locate each other, never mind actually getting together. But, thanks to the staff at Help Hospitalized Veterans this band of brothers was able to see each other.

They shared old war stories, good and bad with each other.

'Animal' 'Commo' and 'Tiny.' We salute you.