Grand Junction Class of 1996 Reunion?

I fondly remember my 20-year class reunion. It was such amazing night. I treasure those people, well most of them (ha ha).

It is true what they say, that you will never make friends like the ones you make in high school. Those relationships carry on forever. The good times, sad times, the game you won or even the game you almost won. To reminisce about your teachers, Homecoming and Prom. I'm glad I have those people that helped shape all those memories.

Then to watch everyone's kids be born and grow up. It is pretty cool.

So, let's go back to the year 1996. The culture was different. The music, the TV shows, the fashion. Where were you in 1996?

Next year, these Grand Junction alumni will celebrate their 20-year reunion. So, we thought we would post their graduation pictures! Click where it says 'annual' when you get to the website.

Do you know any of these former students? Are you one of these former students?

Congrats to the Grand Junction Tigers Class of 1996! Happy 20th.