Utah photographer Trevor Christensen (@trevorchristensen) started a nude portrait portfolio, but it's not what you think. Check out the "safe for work" portraits.

Surprise! These are not naked people, obviously!

Trevor Christensen, of Provo, Utah, describes himself on his website as a photographer who seeks to make his subjects calm and comfortable when in front of the camera. As hard as he tries, some subjects still feel vulnerable during a shoot.

Christensen feels that the "paradigm" between the photographer and subject is biased. That's why he started the "Nude Portraits" project, to level "the playing field in an unorthodox way."

This vulnerability is achieved by making portraits without clothing. These are nude portraits in the sense that I, the photographer, am nude, while the subject is not.

The photos share the emotion of being forced to gaze at someone's naked body.

If you'd like to be a subject for one of his shoots, he's always looking, just contact him via his website.

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