It would be a major understatement to say Colorado has changed in the last 50-plus years, but I'll say it anyway. Colorado has changed significantly since the 1960s.

Changing Colorado

While colorful Colorado has seen much change over the years, so many things remain the same. This film from illustrates so clearly many things that have change over the years as well as those that haven't.

I have lived in Colorado for nearly 40 years and I have witnessed many of these changes. Until you stop and take a look back, it's easy to forget how things used to be. Whether you have lived in Colorado for a lifetime, or you've been here a short time, you can see from the photos below that things sure looked a lot different in the 60s.

Sights of Colorado In the 1960s

Over the past 50+ years, a lot has changed in the state of Colorado - while some things remain the same. Here is a look back at Colorado in the 1960s and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

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