Remember the boy who lost his best friend -- his dog Belle Coulter? Upper Deck has created him his own trading card to remember is best friend fur-ever!

When we first introduced you to Jacobe he told his family he had a hard time believing anyone cared about him, and we asked you to show him how much everyone cared by sending him a letter. And you all amazed us with your response.

Jacobe's dad, Dan Coulter, reached out to Upper DeckTrading Cards and asked if there was a way they could create a trading card for Jacobe to remember Belle.

Upper Deck | Front of Jacobe Trading Card
Upper Deck | Back of Jacobe Trading Card

Upper Deck thought this would fit perfectly with their Random Acts of Kindness program where they look online to help worthy fans and create some feel good stories to promote everything good about the hobby.

Dan will share the cards with Jacobe once they finish production next week, and hopes it will be a nice experience for the family to bond over.

Thanks to awesome companies like Upper Deck, we are glad we could help Jacobe remember his best friend Belle!