I was always taught not to eat yellow snow. Well, it's okay to drink yellow water, at least in this Colorado town.

The town of Johnstown, Colorado, is encouraging its residents to go ahead and drink the water. Pay no attention to the fact that it's yellow. The Town of Johnstown posted on its Facebook page testing has confirmed the water meets all state requirements and is safe to drink.

This morning, Town Hall has received a few inquiries related to a possible yellowish tint to the water. The Town has tested the water, and is safe to continue drinking, meeting all state water drinking requirements. This cause was due to the change over from the raw water sources we use to treat and provide water. The Town has begun flushing hydrants which will expedite and accelerate resolution to the possible discoloration. We apologize for the inconvenience and concern this may have caused. - Town of Johnstown, Colorado via Facebook

According to the website Tap Score, there are a couple of reasons why our tap water might turn yellow:

Your water utility is performing repairs:

Every water distribution system needs to be repaired from time to time. Utility repair work upstream might be the culprit for yellow tap water, as rust and other materials may enter into your water supply during maintenance work.

Your water utility is “flushing” the water lines:

In order to clear out stagnant areas of your system, water suppliers must occasionally increase the water pressure in your pipes and water mains. During this “flushing,” it is common for yellowish rust in the pipes to loosen. As a result, your water quality may change temporarily. You will know that “flushing” is the cause of your colored water when only your cold water is affected.

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I think I'll pass. To my knowledge, I've never been to Johnstown, and no one there is asking me to visit. Just the same, I prefer my water clear.

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