An unknown buyer is now the proud owner of Colorado's Culebra Peak and the 83,368 acres of surrounding land. What exactly does 105 million dollars get you nowadays?

This new acquisition, Cielo Vista Ranch in Southern Colorado, includes the highest privately-owned peak in the world, Culebra Peak. Colorado has a total of 55 14ers, and this one, coming in at 14,053 feet, is no longer on the market.

When the new owner walked away from the closing table, what exactly had they acquired? It seems a cool 105 million dollars will get you the following:

  • 83,000+ acres of Colorado awesomeness
  • A heard of elk
  • Three (3) four-bedroom houses
  • One (1) three-bedroom house
  • One (1) two bedroom cabin
  • sheds, barns, bunkhouses, and other assorted stuff
  • Over 100 miles of creeks
  • Assorted fish
  • Bunches and bunches of trees including Spruce, Firs, Aspens, and Ponderosa Pines

Don't you hate it when a deal like this passes you by? How did you miss it? It's been on the market since 2015.

I don't know about you, but I don't seem to recall ever hearing of someone buying a mountain peak. How does an opportunity like this come around? According to 9News, the peak and the surrounding land were never public. The property was always privately owned.

In addition to Celubra Peak, the purchase included 18 other peaks, each over 13,000 feet.

So, what's the new owner going to do with the land? Can we expect condos or a new shopping mall? According to 9News, ranch broker Jeff Hubbard said of the buyer, "He is one who is a true conservationist and is deeply committed to preserving this national treasure and extraordinary resource."

Well, it seems the "Joneses" just bout a nice new Colorado peak. Everybody needs to get one now. Keep your eyes open for Colorado's next BIG bargain.

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