Did you know your aluminum cans will go a long way to support the cats and kittens at a Grand Junction shelter? Don't throw those recyclables away!

CLAWS, an acronym for Cats League and Assistance of the Western Slope, encourages you to drop off your empty aluminum cans at their facility at 2245 Sanford Drive #A5. You can simply drop off the aluminum at the building's back door.

You can also assist by saving your Super Coupon Savings for Waste Management for an additional five cents per pound. There can be little doubt you've seen these coupons before. These come in the mail about once a month. You are asked to drop off the original coupons, no copies please, in the mail or at the shelter.

Okay, so when CLAWS gets through recycling all the aluminum, what do they do with the money? CLAWS is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to finding families for homeless cats. They are the largest cat rescue between Denver and Salt Lake, with 95% of their services provided by volunteers.

According to their official webpage, CLAWS is a guaranteed adoption facility. What does that mean? Put simply, the cats at the facility have a home there until such time as they are adopted.

How do cats find their way to this facility? Many come from agencies like Mesa County Animal Control. Others are surrendered by people who have been forced to relocate. In some cases, entire litters are brought to the facility by people who did not spay or neuter their cats. Sometimes, they are simply cats in need of a home.

I don't know about you, but personally, I can't recall the last time I purchased a beverage in a can. It's rare, to say the least. In the event you do have empty aluminum cans at home, please consider donating. Perhaps your workplace has an aluminum recycle bin.

Put that aluminum to good use! The cats and staff at CLAWS would greatly appreciate it.

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