If you were to take a wild guess, how many guns would you estimate have been stolen out of cars in Grand Junction so far in 2020? The number may surprise you.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, so far in 2020, a total of 95 firearms have been reported stolen. According to the GJPD's Facebook page, the "vast majority" of those firearms were stolen from vehicles. Please keep in mind, that reflects only those thefts which have been reported.

If you belong to any community social media pages, Nextdoor for example, you'll frequently see reports of stolen guns. Many, probably most such reports involve thefts where the firearms were taken from vehicles, most of the time while they were parked in the driveway.

If you crunch the numbers utilizing an equation of my own design, you come to the following result:

95 thefts divided by the date of September 16 = 2.5 gun thefts per week in Grand Junction

You now see why I received a barely passing grade in high school math. In any event, that is a disturbing number of stolen firearms.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, "Cars are NOT meant to be gun safes!" They ask you to remember these pointers:

  • Do not leave your firearms in your car!
  • Make sure your car doors are locked and valuables are out of sight!
  • Don’t be an easy target!

Grand Junction has experienced a surge in the number of car break-ins, many of them during the overnight hours. Personally, I don't keep anything in my car. They only item in my vehicle of any value is a $10 Wendy's gift card with exactly $.25 left on it. Please don't leave any valuables, especially a gun, in your car.

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