Their creativity shines through their tattoos, apparel and art. The Grand Junction Spotlight is on The Raw Canvas in Downtown Grand Junction.

The Raw Canvas is a tattoo shop, a clothing store and an art gallery. They're in Downtown Grand Junction at 521 Main Street. The Studio Manager Krista Young told me that art is the center of everything.

We have an art gallery with 16 artists and some of them are also our tattoo artists.

Just like Raw creates custom tattoos, they create custom shirts as well which led into having a clothing line. Krista said no matter how you want to rock your art, you can wear it on your skin (permanently) or (not so permanently) on a shirt, or on your wall.

Krista told me they're working on getting some workshops with the artists of The Raw Canvas. And she's been tattooed by every artist that works there and her tattoos were amazing. Their six resident tattoo artists, who also have art hanging in the galley, are:

  • Justin Nordine
  • Melora Monticone
  • Robbie Campbell
  • Greg Heinz
  • Erik Campbell
  • Jenny James (Raw's newest artist)

Some of the rest of Raw's team includes:

  • Studio Manager - Krista Young
  • Media Manager - Joaquin Rodriguez
  • Gallery Art Director - Amy Kuper
  • Gallery Artist + Gallery Curator - Joseph Kuper

It's hard to decide what to buy at The Raw Canvas, some custom clothes, a custom tattoo or some custom artwork. When it comes to art, The Raw Canvas knows no boundaries.

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