There's a new retreat center in Colorado. Located on 145 acres of forested landscape the eco-retreat & immersive art park is just southwest of Denver.

It's called Everland.

Everland Colorado
Everland Colorado

After the founder, Jonny, had a near-death experience, where he fell three stories off a bridge in a serious motorcycle accident, the vision for Everland came.

For several weeks, while in the hospital, he listened to people's stories and said that "it was then that I realized: all we have is our connection to and experience with others" on the website. With the connection of his vision and understanding of the need for connection, the founder went to work to make this a reality.

According to their website, Everland is a "fusion of leading-edge art installations, experiential outdoor recreation, unique camping options, mesmerizing zones and venues, delightful amenities, and open exploration".

A Kickstarter was created to help bring the project to life. Rewards for monetary pledges start at $555 and continue to a $9,999 option called "Keys to the Castle".

Everland Colorado
Everland Colorado

We aim to break down the daily barriers of how we connect with ourselves and the world around us by providing a space to co-create, play & delight in our collective imagination.

Everland Colorado
Everland Colorado

The goal of the retreat is to be "a place that celebrated each person as valuable".

The intentions of the eco-retreat & immersive art park are listed below:

  • Thoughtfully-sourced materials
  • Peaceful connections with nature
  • Cozy & sexy comfort
  • Opportunities for group or solo escape
  • High design & eclectic decor
  • Surprise & delight
Everland Colorado
Everland Colorado

There will be different sections of the park, they are listed below:

  • North - Shaman’s Path - Alchemist, Divine Healer, Intention
  • East - Inner Child’s Path - Discovery, Trickster, ParticiPLAYtion
  • South - Steward’s Path - Craftsman, Maker, Positive Impact
  • West - Visionary’s Path - Lover’s Nook, Riding Resistance, Collective Mindset
  • Sky - Dreaming, Astrology, Ancient Future, Multiverse, Aliens, Explorer, Legacy
  • Earth - Pachamama, Indigenous practices, Heartspace
  • Inner - Inner Gifts, Innate Wisdom, Creator, Resonance, Genius Zone

Retreat guests hike through forests finding treehouses, large-scale art, suspended lounges, and nooks in nature.

When your heart feels beauty, THAT is love. We aim to provide a place for us to all reconnect and redevelop a relationship with Art & Mother Nature.
Everland Founder

Source: Everland

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