It's one of Colorado's most scenic and historic drives, and one photographer has called it the "most fascinating canyon in Colorado."

Where Is Phantom Canyon Road?

Phantom Canyon Road is part of the Gold Belt Scenic Byway in southern Colorado, a beautiful 131-mile loop over famous roads and byways, some of which are unpaved, and some requiring four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Off the beaten path northeast of Canon City, Phantom Canyon Road connects Florence with Victor via a winding unpaved road through hand-cut stone tunnels and across three elevated old steel and wooden bridges. You'll come across the ghost towns of Wilbur, Adelaide, and Glenbrook that dried up after the railroad closed in 1912. The 29-mile road is narrow and gradually increases in elevation from 5,500 to 9,500 feet. Traffic goes both directions, but in some places, there's room enough for only one vehicle.

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Is Phantom Canyon Road Haunted By A Ghost?

Some people believe the road is named for an alleged ghost sighting in the 1890s. A man wearing a prison uniform was reportedly seen walking along the tracks, and train passengers claimed it was a man who had been executed at the Colorado State Penitentiary a few days earlier.

Colorado's Scenic and Historic Phantom Canyon Road

We don't know if Phantom Canyon Road is haunted, but anyone who drives this narrow southern Colorado road will have their share of scary moments with sharp, narrow turns, steep unguarded drop-offs, and old bridges. The payoff is some amazing canyon views on one of Colorado's most scenic and historic drives.

Alphabetical Tour of Colorado's Ghost Towns

There are over 300 ghost towns peppered throughout the state of Colorado. Some of these towns are very well preserved with a few residents. Others are completely abandoned with very little left to explore. Regardless, venturing through one of these towns will give you a look into Colorado's rich mining history.

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