The Breckenridge Troll has been saved and is no longer getting kicked out of Breckenridge. Isak the Troll's fame is only increasing, and he's here for it.

The Breckenridge Troll is an amazing 15-foot tall wooden installation in Breckenridge. The troll has become so famous that's caused some problems in Breckenridge. It drew so many people, causing lots of traffic problems, that the town recently decided to evict it.

Originally the town planned to wait until spring, then decided to give the Breckenridge Troll the boot as soon as possible. Isak Heartstone, the troll, was recently kicked out of his home but he's alive and well.

The artist of the Breckenridge Troll, Thomas Dambo, posted on Instagram stating that:

Isak Heartstone has been saved!!!! After massive protests, thousands of mails and messages, the city council finally heard us. Nicole from Breckenridge was able to break through the fence and salvage Isak's Heartstone.

He also said that the city gently took Isak down and as soon as the snow melts, he'll get the Breckenridge Troll situated in its new home. Two possible locations for the Breckenridge Troll's new home include:

  1. Ilinois Creek behind the Ice Arena
  2. Along the River Trail near the Rec Center

I'm happy to see that the Breckenridge Troll gets to continue to live in Breckenridge. IT's a truly impressive installation and I can't wait to see in its new home in the spring.

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