Lots of teenagers want to look trendy when they go to school, but that decision got one Kansas boy booted from campus.

Skyler Davis, 13, has been suspended from Anderson County Senior-Junior School in Garnett, Kansas for wearing a Vera Bradley purse.

School officials would not discuss the specifics of the case, but did say students cannot keep any bags in classrooms, placing them in lockers, instead.

Skyler, however, claims he’s been hauling his bag to class since August before he was ordered to the assistant principal’s office to take it off. When he refused, he was suspended.

Skyler’s mother said she saw no mention of a bag policy in the student handbook, so she stands behind her son.

Skyler returned to school the next day – with his bag -- although his mother says the school was singing a different tune:

He was pulled into an office, behind closed doors to tell him that he was never suspended for refusing to take off his purse, he got suspended for foul language. That's not the story that [assistant principal] Mr. Hillard told me yesterday. Skyler is only 13 years old. He's just a child. And if this isn't bullying, I don't know what is."

As for the bag that caused all the commotion, Skyler says, "It expresses myself and I think everyone else can wear it, so I wear it as well.”

In the meantime, Skyler will not be allowed back in class until he removes the bag. Stay tuned.