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Did you hear about the Poodle that survived an 11 mile ride wedged in the grill of a car?!

It's true! According to UPI, a man driving on Route 44 in Massachusetts was hailed by a passing driver to inform him that a dog was stuck in his grill! Apparently he had slammed on his brakes earlier in his commute to avoid the animal and when he didn't see it he continued on his journey. Thankfully the dog only suffered a concussion and is healing nicely.

What about the Professor that got naked in front of his class?

Yup, but it gets weirder. The Michigan State University professor wasn't even teaching anatomy he was teaching a calculus class when he decided he was "too sexy" for his clothes. School police responded, took him into protective custody and transported him to a hospital. According to the Huffington Post, no charges are being pressed and the professor has been described as "eccentric."

And finally the 4lb hairball that was removed from a teens stomach. . .

I hope you've finished breakfast because if not, you will. . . Apparently a teen who hadn't been eating or drinking was taken to the hospital only to find out she had a four-pound hairball lodged between her stomach and small intestine! She reportedly had a habit of eating her hair during class.


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