So, what were you doing when you were 16? 

If you are Brandon Hobbs, you were flying your first SOLO flight, Saturday, over Mesa County.

Some Mesa County teens are involved in a program called HAWK. That stands for High Country Aviation Workshop for Kids. These prospective pilots gather each Saturday at Mack Mesa Airport to learn what it takes to be a pilot. They also work on airplanes and build them to give them a better understanding of how a plane works.

Brandon spoke to KKCO NEWS11 reporter Karaline Ann:

'So today is my solo day, it'll be the first day I fly the airplane by myself. It's a great experience to be able to both build and fly the airplane. When you can build an airplane and then go fly it you know that much more, exactly what might go wrong with it, and you know exactly how to fix it when you're in the air.'

I failed my driver's test twice when I was that age, so I'm not sure being a pilot is in my future. I jumped out of flying plane once and got to ride in a stunt plane doing loops and stuff, but being a pilot is special.

So, again I ask. What were YOU doing when you were 16?







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