We are all this man. We hate getting stuck in the middle seat without an armrest.

A frustrated man sentenced to the purgatory that is the middle seat of a flight decided to reclaim the armrest that the man in the window seat had taken from him by violently shoving the other man's arm away and taking the armrest for himself. It's bold and the rest of the flight was probably so tense it could've been mistaken for a Trump-Clinton debate.

And check out the reaction of the man in the window seat. He's clearly stunned by his seatmate's passive-aggressive (mostly aggressive) course of action and winds up giving him the stink eye. We can only imagine how ugly things got when they had to put down their trays for the meal or when the man in the window seat had to get up to go to the bathroom. Perhaps holding it in would've been the smart thing to do.

This dispute clearly brings up an issue plaguing society: who has armrest rights? Whether it's on an airplane, a movie theater or a football game, we've all been in these situations. Where do you stand -- or, more appropriately, where do you sit -- when this happens?

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