A plane was forced to land in Denver after one of their passengers lost his cool. He starting punching seats, yelling and smoking cigarettes on the flight.

An American Airlines flight was headed from Phoenix to Minneapolis on Friday when a passenger forced the plane's route to change. About one hour after takeoff, a man completely lost his cool.

The man starting punching plane seats and yelling and threatening other passengers. After punching the seat in front of him (which someone was sitting in), he later went to the bathroom. Using the restroom on a plane isn't weird, but smoking in the bathroom and yelling this, definitely is:

According to KOAA, the man yelled 'you're all screwed.' That's a pretty scary thing to say when you're on a plane full of people that you don't know and don't know you. Some passengers were ready to physically restrain the man if necessary. 20 minutes or so after the man starting losing his cool, the plane was diverted from Minneapolis to DIA.

Once the plane landed in Denver, Denver police came on board and took the passenger to the hospital. After law enforcement got the passenger off of the plane, the plane departed for Minneapolis. It's currently unknown whether the passenger was arrested or not.

According to Jim Dickey, who was a passenger on the plane traveling for a convention, the rest of the flight was the quietest flight ever. Jim said he didn't think anyone said a single word from Denver to Minneapolis.

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