As I was on a United flight headed to Denver International Airport I was watching a news report from CNN about a United flight that had just taken off from Denver. But that flight had experienced engine failure including throwing parts of the engine over the city of Broomfield, Colorado. The flight had to make an emergency landing back at Denver International Airport but luckily no passengers or crew members were injured. But according to KDVR, it didn't take long for class-action lawsuits to begin over this mechanical failure.

I'm sure it was frightening for citizens living below the flight path as there were large pieces of the plane that landed on some houses causing damage or other parts landing on front yards.

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What Happened to Cause the Engine Failure for United Flight 328 Out of Denver?

It was a Boeing 777 plane that has the issue for United flight 328 the Pratt and Whitney engine exploded just a short time after leaving the runway and had to make an emergency landing back at the airport.

According to the lawsuit already filed, United failed to properly inspect and maintain its aircraft which caused the mechanical failure.

What is Happening With the Lawsuit from United Flight 328?

The lawsuit claims that "the plaintiff is recovering from the negligent infliction of emotional distress on behalf of himself and all other passengers on board who are similarly situated".

I think we can all agree this would be a very scary situation. I would guess this is going to cost United Airlines millions of dollars, this isn't going away with an extra bag of pretzels and a seat upgrade.

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