My goal is to see as much of the beautiful, interesting, visually stimulating, "how on earth did that happen" sights in Wyoming. Hopefully, I have enough years in me to get to as many as I can.

Even though less than 600,000 people call Wyoming home, the state is the 9th largest in the United States and a nature lovers' dream. You'll see everything from Mountains, Basins, Plains, and Canyons. Wildlife like Elk, Deer, Moose, Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Grizzly & Black Bears and Wild Horses still roam parts of the state. 2/3 of the world's Geysers are in Wyoming. Miles and Miles of streams & rivers and over 4,000 lakes for fishing, swimming, and other water activities.

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Tourism is a very important part to the state of Wyoming's survival. As a matter of fact, tourism is the #2 money-making industry in the entire state of Wyoming. 2019 was a great year for tourism in Wyoming, the state had a 3.5% increase in income from tourists raking in $3.9 Billion. With much of the country shut down in 2020, travel throughout the country dropped 35%, but Wyoming only 23%. Even with the crappy year for many, visitors to Wyoming spent over $3.1 BILLION dollars.  Without the incredible options for travel and those tourists that want to see them, each household here would pay nearly $700 more in taxes.

Not every state has 30 visually appealing attractions, Wyoming actually has more than that, we have just put together the list of the 30 top suggested MUST-see places, attractions, and interesting locations in the Cowboy State.

30 Wyoming Attractions To Visit

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