Phone Scam

Mesa CO Phone Scam
Here we go again. Why not a holiday phone scam? Check out the details so you don't get taken.
Phone Scam - Be Aware
Another phone scam has been discovered in Colorado. Mesa County and Grand Junction could be next. Be aware.
Mesa County Phone Scams Now Too Many to Count
You've probably lost track of all the phone scams making the rounds in western Colorado. It's been a grand total of a week and a half since the last one, so you know what time it is. There's a new scam in town, and this one claims to be from Mesa County Civil Services Division.
GJ Phone Scam
I was JUST threatened by someone claiming to be with the IRS. Moments ago a call came in on the request line informing me I'm being sued by the Internal Revenue Service. Really? While we're at it, what song would you like to hear?

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