The remodel at Grand Junction, Colorado's historic Stranges Grocery at 2nd and Pitkin is turning up all sorts of fascinating discoveries. Take a look at this World War II-era item found within the walls of the 113-year-old building.

Each new day of the remodel at this historic building reveals something new. This particular item has already been donated to a museum at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Finding Fascinating Things In The Walls At Historic Grand Junction Colorado Building

Over the last month, we've shared information regarding the remodel of the historic Stranges Grocery building at 2nd and Pitkin in Grand JunctionColorado.

A few days ago we showed you images of a 1933 Colorado unemployment relief tab. It was found inside a wall during the renovation.

An extensive remodel is underway on all three floors of the building at 226 Pitkin Avenue in Grand Junction. The top floor housed six apartment buildings. The majority of the walls are being removed, revealing interesting finds.

Found Within A Wall - Straight Out Of 1941

Keep in mind, Stranges Grocery was built in 1909. Carpenters also found a Christmas card to Mrs. Stranges dated 1913. With that in mind, many of these finds are the better part of 100 years old.

Take a look at the image above. What would you guess that is? Is it a shotgun shell? It kind of looks like one. Maybe a firecracker of some kind?

Well, in reality, it's lipstick. Yep, lipstick. To be precise, it's a lipstick known as "Victory Red."

Victory Red Lipstick Stranges Grocery Grand Junction Colorado 2
Kevin Tinsley / Canva

According to Besame Cosmetics, "During the war, the American military forces commissioned the first Victory Red lipstick to women in uniform. The clear, strong tone looked vibrant when worn with the standard-issue, olive-drab jacket and skirt. The caps worn by women in the armed forces often featured a brilliant red braid trim detail, and Victory Red also accentuated this band."

Besame Cosmetics adds civilian women wore the shade as well. The website states, "Victory Red lipstick was literally part of putting on a brave face. Civilian women on the home front also believed that looking their best was a patriotic duty, even when personal luxuries including toiletries were in short supply and often rationed."

If you at the insert in the photo above, you'll notice it reads "Victory Red" and has the name, Elizabeth Arden. According to the website Hayley Camille:

Elizabeth Arden was commissioned to create a special cosmetic kit for the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve. It included a red lipstick called Montezuma Red, and a matching cream rouge and nail polish which matched the red shade of the scarf, arm insignia and hat cords on their uniforms. Soon, women on the home front wanted their own, so she introduced her famous “Victory Red” lipstick in 1941 with the tagline of “Keep ’em flying!”

What Are The Plans For This Tube of Lipstick?

Okay, it's been found. Now what? The lipstick has already been donated to the Military Women's Memorial located at the ceremonial entrance at Arlington National Cemetery. The official website of the Military Women's Memorial reads:

The Military Women’s Memorial is a one-of-a-kind tribute to America’s Servicewomen, past and present. The Memorial features an education center, interactive exhibits, a world-class collection of military women’s stories.

This Is Better Than Geraldo

Do you remember back about 30 years ago when Geraldo Rivera unveiled the contents of Al Capone's vault on live television? What a dud. He didn't produce anything.

The carpenters at Stranges Grocery are turning up all sorts of fascinating finds without even trying. I can't wait to see what they find next.

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