Over the last month, we've shared information regarding the remodel of the historic Stranges Grocery building at 2nd and Pitkin in Grand Junction, Colorado. Look what they just found inside the wall.

This building is well over 100 years old. A major remodel is underway, and new discoveries are being made almost every day. Check out what was found recently.

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Strange Things Being Found Inside Stranges Grocery

First things first: the name Stranges is pronounced: "Strangs." If you're not familiar with the name, it refers to the building at 226 Pitkin Avenue. It was built in 1909, serving as a number of different businesses over the years.

A few weeks ago, the new owner of the property invited me to take a tour. At the time of my visit, the building was undergoing a major renovation. During the remodel, a number of items were found within the walls. Among the items found was a tube of Victory Red lipstick dated 1941. That item has been donated to a museum. Also found was a Christmas postcard to Mrs. Stranges dated 1913.

Item Found Within a Wall at Stranges Grocery

What exactly is the item pictured above? It was found within one of the apartment walls on the second floor at Stranges. Personally, it doesn't look like anything I'm familiar with.

The owner of the building, Kevin Tinsley, reached out to me with a little info regarding this find. Information was found on WorthPoint.com offering insight as to its significance. According to WorthPoint:

1933 Colorado unemployment relief tab, for attachment to a regular 1933 plate: These were issued with the idea of raising funds to help the unemployed, but the program was declared unconstitutional and the monies were returned.

The website Ladynarcotic.top adds a little more information:

These were issued as license plate attachments, and the cost varied depending upon the horsepower of the vehicle. The monies were to go to people who were out of work.

Is It Worth Anything?

In a word, no. Similar items are currently selling on eBay for around $9.99 (plus $3.60 shipping).

See Where This Item Was Found

Take a look at the gallery below, and you'll see the extensive work going on at Stranges Grocery. A tremendous amount of structural work has been done in the basement. The six apartments on the second floor are being converted into two apartments and a common area. Look at the images, and you'll see the extensive work involved with the removal of walls on the second floor. It's no wonder they're finding these awesome items.

Be The First To See the Remodel Underway at Grand Junction's Historic Stranges Grocery Store

Take a tour of the old Stranges Grocery store at 226 Pitkin Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado. The building is being renovated as we speak. The new owners are making every effort to preserve as much of the original building as possible.

This building is absolutely amazing. We'll start with a tour of all three floors of the building, and then point out a few interesting changes to the outside of the building you may not have noticed.

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