Target locations across Colorado have introduced a new change for customers who use the self-check-out lanes. Just as you thought you had mastered the art of "please return your item to the bagging area," Target's latest change may switch how you pay for purchases.

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In a press release from March 14th, 2024, Target has announced they'll enhance the check-out experience by making one major change.

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Target's Big Change at Self Check-Out

If your Target run involves big shopping for several items, this change may affect how you check out at your local store. As of March 14th, self-checkout lanes at most Target stores in Colorado will be 10 items or less.

Dominick Reuter with Business Insider told ABC News that stores like Target, and Walmart suffered losses during and following the pandemic, due to customers accidentally or intentionally not scanning items at self-checkout lanes. These stores feel that by limiting the items you can scan yourself, there will be less margin for error.

Will Self Check-Out Move Faster?

Target says they tested the new checkout method at 200 stores last fall and found the change makes self-checkout lanes faster. They also found shoppers were more efficient scanning just 10 items, instead of a grocery cart filled to the brim.

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Self Check-Out Changes

Stores such as Walmart and Dollar General have been reducing the number of self-checkout lanes altogether, causing some shoppers to vent on social media about their experience.

Target says in addition to the limit on self-check items they will also open more traditional checkout lanes staffed with cashiers for shoppers with more than 10 items in their cart. See the complete press release from Target here.

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