Star Trek fans will experience simultaneous delight and rage with Scified's new list of "The Top 10 Female Character is Sci-Fi TV and Movies." Fans will rejoice over the news that Uhura and Captain Janeway both made the list. However, ecstasy will rapidly dissipate when they discover how low they ranked in the top 10.

"Star Trek: Voyager's" Captain Kathryn Janeway barely made the list, coming in at #10. Most people probably wouldn't care about the low ranking, but it does seems a bit brutal considering "Sil," the alien from the movie "Species" came in at #8.

The Enterprise's communications officer, Nyota Uhura, came in strong, but not strong enough, at #5.

Scified's ranking breaks down as follows:

  • 10. Captain Janeway
  • 9. Diana - "V" - 1983
  • 8. Sil - "Species"
  • 7. Trinity - "The Matrix"
  • 6. Starbuck
  • 5. Uhura
  • 4. Princess Leia
  • 3. Sarah Conner "The Terminator"
  • 2. Scully - "The X Files"
  • 1. Ripley - "Alien"