Now is the best time to saddle up and head to a dude ranch for some end of the summer fun.

As you can imagine, dude ranches are plentiful in Colorado, but what exactly is a dude ranch, and why would anyone want to go to one?

A dude ranch is a place to take you back to a time when horses, not cars were the only way to get around. When "working the ranch" had a romantic feel to it. And when time just seemed to move a lot slower.

The why is easy. It's like taking a fantasy trip to the old west in some cases, and a chance to get in the saddle one more time, or maybe the first time.

Whatever your reason for wanting to go, you can't go wrong. Let's take a look at a few places where you can dude up.

Family owned for over 70 years, these folks know what they're doing.

Rawah Ranch - Glendevy

Tucked into Northern Colorado's Laramie River Valley, they have a variety of things to do, depending on your interests. Do you like to fly fish? Ride? This is your spot.

A complete Colorado ranch experience. Just one look at this place will send you to another time. If you love to ride, they've got the horses.

If you have never had the pleasure, you really owe it to yourself to dude up.

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