Have you noticed something missing from your Grand Junction City Market store? Did someone steal something? Not exactly. The next time you visit a GJ City Market, look down.

While shopping Sunday afternoon at the Orchard Mesa City Market, it quickly became obvious something was amiss. The "One Way" signs on the floor are gone. This is what a typical aisle looked like during my last shopping adventure just three days ago.

Waylon Jordan

When I first noticed the sign missing at the head of the aisle, I thought it might just be that aisle or maybe even a fluke. Perhaps they had to remove the sign to clean the floor. With that in mind, I checked the neighboring aisle. Same thing. The signs are all gone.

Grocery Aisles Grand Junction 2
Waylon Jordan

Do you recall about three months ago when local grocery stores started putting "One Way" direction signs on the floor of each aisle? Now, all of a sudden, they're gone. Between you and me, I was just starting to get used to them. It was weeks before I was able to get in the habit of following the signs. For a while, I was the guy people shot dirty looks at while walking the wrong direction.

It was my impression people were really starting to embrace the effort to direct traffic in a singular direction. In a way, with or without COVID-19, the concept made some sense. From what people have said, it seems some larger cities had this practice in place long before COVID-19.

In any event, the signs were there, and now they're not. It's not entirely clear what change this signifies when it comes to our state's policies regarding social distancing. For the time being, though, the direction signs have been removed at the Orchard Mesa City Market.

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