Have you seen these "One Way" signs on the floors of your Grand Junction area grocery stores? I didn't, at least not right away.

It's an everyday occurrence in Grand Junction. You're driving down 4th Street, a one-way street heading south, and there's always that one car driving the wrong direction. Well, where the Orchard Mesa City Market was concerned last Sunday, I was that "one car."

It was only at the end of my hurried grocery visit that I noticed these signs of the floor. I feel bad knowing I probably walked the wrong way, against traffic, probably a dozen times on that shopping trip.

Waylon Jordan
Waylon Jordan

My question: What are the odds these signs might remain long after the social distancing orders are lifted? If you stop and think about it, running the aisles one way isn't a bad idea. When you take into account those shoppers who feel the need to bring four generations of their family every time they go to the grocery store, traffic control is something of a must.

Essentially, every other aisle in a one-way going a particular direction. While I don't recall precisely which aisle went which way, the breakdown is simple: Let's say aisle 4 is the bread aisle. It runs east to west. The next row over, aisle 5, the frozen pizza aisle, runs west to east, etc.

Again, I feel bad for failing to notice these signs sooner. I'll pay better attention in two weeks when I go shopping again. What do you think? Do they help? Should the stay indefinitely?

My apologies to the shoppers last Sunday at City Market. I wasn't being rude, just ignorant. The signs, while very obvious, somehow managed to evade my view.

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