For those of you who are skiers, you are used to signing the waiver before you ski, but do you know what it is you're signing?

The waiver you sign limits the liability for the ski area you have chosen to ski. That means if something were to happen to you while skiing the ski area would not, in most instances, be liable for what happens to you.

When you are handed the waiver it says right at the top:

WARNING: Please read carefully before signing.

This is what you have to sign before you ski, but how many skiers actually know what it says on it? What it does state is that you sign away your right to sue or make claims for injury, even if the ski area is negligent.

So even if your injury is due to something happening at the resort where you're skiing, and not something you have done, you will most likely be responsible for taking care of those injuries.

So next time you go skiing, make sure you know what you're signing before heading up the mountain.

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