Shield 616, a group founded to help peace officers get the proper gear, is partnering with Safeway to help the Grand Junction Police get the tools they need to perform their jobs at peak efficiency.

The program is designed to not only help departments get equipment for crowd control and active shooter situations but to also provide support when an officer falls in the line of duty.

Until May 5, you will be given the option to add a donation for this to your grocery bill. This, in turn, will allow the police department to have gear that has become more and more necessary. The gear is rifle rated, meaning it can save an officer's life should there be gunfire from rifles and high powered weapons.

What the officers currently wear, while protective, is not rated high enough to stop a rifle or high powered round.

Shield 616 has provided equipment like this across the country, most notably to departments who, while needing the equipment cannot afford it.

Your donations will help save lives.

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