This Sunday night, September 27th get ready to witness what scientists are calling a rare perigee lunar eclipse. But, some are saying this could be the end of times. Wait, what?

There hasn't been a moon in the night's sky like this in over 30 years. The reason it's so rare is that not only is it a total lunar eclipse, but also it is happening on the same night as the closest full moon of this year and it is the final of the four eclipses, or what's called a 'tetrad.' To read more about this amazing sight, check out this article from

Although the residents in Canada will have the best view, it will be visible in all of North America.

But, should we be worried or even scared of this so-called 'Blood Moon?'

According to Christian ministers John Hagee and Mark Blitz, we should be. They believe that this string of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses is a sign of the 'end times' as described in the bible - Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12.

We are all free to believe what we want, and I believe that Grand Junction/Western Slope is going to be an awesome place to witness this 'Blood Moon' this Sunday night.

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