Camera buffs and photographers - grab your camera and set your alarm clock for Wednesday's (Oct. 8) total lunar eclipse, which will be visible in Grand Junction, provided we have conducive sky conditions.

Seeing a lunar event is always cool, partly because such occurrences are out of the ordinary, and partly because of the fact not everyone in the world gets a chance to view them.

Western Colorado residents are in luck, as Wednesday's total lunar eclipse will be visible early in the morning. According to time and the partial eclipse will begin at 3:18 am Grand Junction time, the full eclipse begins at 4:27 am, and the maximum eclipse will occur at around 4:55 am and ending by 5:22 am.

The total eclipse is sometimes called a blood moon, because the moon appears to be red in color. If you get some cool photos sends them to me and we'll put them on the website.

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