Whether the result of celebrating a bit more than planned, or just getting drunk for the sake of it, what started out as fun can end up as misery the next day with a hangover. While scientists have yet to discover a foolproof way, other than to not drink at all, to avoid a hangover, there is now a scientific cure for the dreaded condition.

According to the Telegraph, strong coffee, herbal tea and many other well known "remedies" are not the answer. Carbonated beverages like soda water and Sprite are.

The reason, scientists say, is that it's not the alcohol itself that causes a hangover. It's the metabolizing of the alcohol into a chemical called acetaldehyde that is to blame for that sick feeling. In their tests, scientists found carbonated beverages helped speed up the process of converting undesirable acetaldehyde to acetate which your body sees as more helpful than harmful.

Still, the best course of action is to know your limit and never drink too much to begin with. But just in case, make sure you have that club soda or Sprite in the refrigerator for the morning after.

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