I have of people doing weird and obnoxious things but this one takes the cake. So, this woman was in Wal-Mart in Texas and was riding around in an electric cart for hours according to Wal-Mart employees and drinking wine from a Pringles can. 

Police were called to investigate apparently she had already left that particular Wal-Mart but was found nearby at a restaurant. She was then told by police that she was banned from that Wal-Mart at the request of the employees. People do the weirdest things when they drink. Things they would not normally do. Sometimes people are extra friendly while others are mean.

I have yet to see anyone at Wal-Mart use an electric cart for anything other than what it was intended for. I certainly haven't seen anyone joyriding in one.  What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen? I know one of my listeners saw a pony in a car.

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