A Texas man found to be hunting in Colorado without a license has been found guilty of that offense as well as others, including felony charges.

Raymond P. Muse of Chireno, Texas entered a guilty plea for willful destruction of wildlife, and 11 misdemeanor charges including illegal possession of wildlife and hunting without a license.

The case began in September of 2018 when a homeowner saw a person on his property with what looked like a headless elk. The resident then contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff's office who sent three deputies to investigate. Contacting Muse they instructed him to hold his ground but he ran. The sheriffs contacted CPW who helped secure the area. They found, in addition to the headless elk, hunting equipment and a backpack, which they executed a search warrant to investigate. Inside they found a cell phone which helped them identify the suspect.

Searching further they found a bicycle and the 6x6 head of the bull elk.

Apparently Muse would drive around the area until he found an animal he wanted to kill, usually of the trophy variety, then kill the animal on private land.

If you see poaching happening, call 1-877-COLO-OGT and help put an end to it.




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