It's been a big 'Back to School' week for many students in Grand Junction.

This past Thursday we saw students heading in for orientation in the late afternoon, and this week we are starting to see photos of faculty and staff welcoming students back for the new year ahead.

The summer sure flew by quickly but thanks to people like School Resource Officer Mike, the students and staff have a lot more to smile about.

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Welcome Back to Central High School

Over at Central High School, students got to see a friendly face this week as SRO Mike was on hand to show off some Central pride and welcome back the students. As you'll see in the gallery below, SRO Mike is sure enjoying what will be his 'Senior Year' at the school. There are also plenty of parents and staff who are thankful to have him on campus.

School Resource Officer Mike Welcomes Students Back to Central High School

SRO Mike is celebrating his 'Senior Year' at Central High School and was on hand to welcome the students back to school this week.

Construction on Colorado National Monument Trail Through October

There's construction on the Devil's Kitchen Trail now through mid-October. Here's what kind of work is being done to the trail on the Colorado National Monument.

Do You Know These Odd Terms From the Colorado Urban Dictionary?

If you have ever seen the Urban Dictionary online, you know it can be pretty crude and disgusting. But, if you search deep enough you'll find some terms that you can relate to and appreciate. I'm not even sure how these terms ever came into existence, but over the course of time, they have been woven into the fabric of society. You'll find a number of Colorado terms in the Urban Dictionary along with their meanings and I decided to share a few of them with you, plus, I've added a couple of my own at the end.

New Mountain Top Roller Coaster in Development for Glenwood Caverns

The new "Defiance" rollercoaster features a 75-foot vertical lift that will probably make everything you own fall out of your pockets. Who's going first?

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