Did you ever find yourself sentenced to a handful of hours of that wonderful institution we call "detention?" Looking back, it seems students in Grand Junction, Colorado found creative and fascinating ways to get sentenced to a few healthy hours of "time out."

The good news is, we weren't too terrible here in Western Colorado. Aside from forging our parents' signatures, skipping class, or occasionally beating up on another student, we typically weren't too awful.

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Answering The Call

They're called "social engagement questions," and we love them. It's a wonderful way to connect with you and share fond, and sometimes not-so-fond memories. I asked on Facebook, "Why did you get detention in school?"

What Is Detention and Have You Experienced It Lately

According to Google, detention is "the action of detaining someone or the state of being detained in official custody, especially as a political prisoner." Okay, that's a bit rough. For our purposed today, we're talking about calling your teacher Mr. Doody-head and getting a couple of hours of time-out in the library.

Reasons For Detention

According to Richard James Rogers, author of The Quick Guide to Classroom Management, the top reasons for detentions, beginning with the most logical and useful, can include:

  • Failure to complete homework or classwork
  • Poor attendance
  • Persistent lateness/lack of punctuality
  • Disruption to class activities through poor behaviour
  • Receiving a certain, set number of ‘warnings’ or ‘demerits’

Grand Junction Responses Compared To This List

Well, it looks like we're a little off track here in Grand Junction. With the exception of "Disruption to class activities through poor behaviour," none of these made our list.

We Weren't Too Bad

Looking at your replies, it appears we aren't too horrific here in Western Colorado. Aside from the occasional fight, talking back to a teacher, or playing with the pet monkey in biology class, we were fairly well-behaved.

Reasons Why We Used To Get Detention In Grand Junction

Ah, detention - the staple of American youth and their academic careers. It's safe to say that most of us had a run-in with authority at some point during our early education.

Did you ever find yourself sentenced to a few hours of detention? A few days? What did you get busted for?

I asked on Facebook, "Why did you get detention in school." The good news - it seems most of our criminal activity revolved around ditching and getting "smart" with teachers.

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